Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sydney is getting over a bad cold. The Doctor heard some noise in her lungs so they have her breathe in this machine 3 times a day for 3 days. She looks so sad with the little mask on. but she does so well. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 09, 2006

4 Months

I can't believe it has been 4 months! Time has gone by so fast. Sydney every day is such a joy. She has a pretty good cold right now, bad cough and runny nose, and she still smiles and is joyful.
At her 4 month check up she is 18 lbs and 26 inches long. She is a workout to carry around. Just as plump as she can be. But the Dr said she looked good and is growing in proportion. Just a chunky baby. She is wearing 6 month clothing because she is so long. I think she has my body. A long torso and short legs.
Be praying her cold gets better. It is no fun to hear here cough and have her not be able to blow her nose or spit up a luggie. She is getting better though, so that is good.
She starting to take longer naps during the day, which is great. It is still hard to get stuff done around the house when she is so darn cute to watch sleep Posted by Picasa
Sydney has keys that she loves to jingle and put in her mouth, but sometimes it seems like there is nothing better than her hand. Posted by Picasa
Not sure if you can see it, but her hair is in a real mohawk.  Posted by Picasa