Friday, March 05, 2010

Big Plans!

I can't tell you how cool it is to truly feel/know/experience that God has a plan so much greater than we can imagine. For the last 3 1/2 years we have loved living in Portland. We have taken full advantage of this great city. We have loved the puddle stomping, the rainy wet hikes, the summer concerts, McMenimens, riding bikes to the city, such great friends, farmers markets, berry picking, Sunday dinners with Nate's family, Tuesday diners with the Jer and Crista and their kids, getting to know great people, Manzanita, the mountain.... The list could go on. On the flip side, one thing that has been really hard on our family is the amount of time that Nathan has had to be away from us.

Over the past year or so Sydney has been more and more upset by Nate being gone. She would cry and ask why does daddy have to be gone so much. She would wake up asking for daddy only to be disappointed that it was not him opening her bedroom door in the morning. Stella's baby sign for Nate was holding her hand to her ear like talking on the phone. That is how she saw him. It has been really tough. I have shed many tears missing Nate and so many sad days experiencing great things with the kids that he was missing out on.

Through out our marriage, we have always gone by the motto, "we will know when it is time to move on. God will make it clear and He will clearly lead us somewhere". I am so happy to share with everyone that God has made it SO clear and has lead us somewhere new! We are off on another new adventure.

Nathan has just been hired as the Director of Adventure Programs at Mount Hermon Camp and Conference Center in California. We are excited about this new job and place for our family. Mount Hermon is located just miles from Camp Redwood Glen in Scotts Valley where we worked 2001-2004. We still have great friends in the area, there is surfing, hiking, biking SUN, SUN , SUN, huge redwood trees, Nate can come home for lunch, he will be home for dinner and he will be able to open the girls bedroom door in the morning. It is such a huge blessing and the job is a great fit for Nate. He will be working with some great people. The job really fits his personality, gifts and talents.

It is so humbling to feel the outcome of so many prayers in such a clear way. I am so thankful for this opportunity for our family to be together again.

The details of when we are moving is still being worked out, but it will be sooner than later. We will be putting our house on the market soon so, if you or anyone you know is looking for a great house, let us know!

Please be in prayer for all the transitions that lay ahead. Our move, Syd's new school, selling the house, transition from Synergo and leaving well, transition to Mount Hermon, the girls adjustments to a new place, moving away from Nate's family....

We are so thankful and excited for this next chapter in our life. Santa Cruz here we come!!!