Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Smarty pants


Stella is a mess maker. I know, all kids are mess makers, but Stella.....she is a BIG mess maker and flees from the scene fast.  Around the new year, the girls each got a desk. Sydney's desk has a lot on it, but everything has its place and it is 'organized mess'. Stella's desk is piles criss crossed each way. Strawberry tops, pen caps, tiny pieces of scraps, polly pocket shoes, hair ties, acorn, rocks.......
It is a struggle to get her to clean up, so I thought I would ask,

Me: 'Stella, what can I do to help you keep your desk and the art room clean?'

Stella: In a very serious train of thought she responds, "It would be really great if there was a robot that could come and clean up after me."