Thursday, February 18, 2010


Nates parents took the whole family on a trip to Disneyland!!! We were so excited to go and be at Disneyland and to spend time together. Sydney was really anticipating the trip. She had a countdown calendar and marked off each day almost immediatly after she woke up.

It was a great trip. We were at the park for 5 days. It was the perfect amount of time, We didn't feel like we had to rush each day and there wasn't any reason to kill your self with LONG days. It was great. Sydney was able to go on some 'bigger kid' rides. She went on a small rollercoaster in California adventure and Soaring over California. She told her school friends when she got back that soarin was her favorite. Tinkerbell made an apperence at the end.
Stella loved all of it too. She left being able to say Disney, minnie, micky, pluto, goofy. ..... She loved the characters. But what I think she loves the most was all the fences that were just her height to step on, balance on and to walk through and under. Go figure.

Here are some pictures from the trip: