Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sydney- Mom, do you ever ask God to wash your heart clean?

A- I do. Almost every day. Do you?

S- I do...wait...what day is it today?

A- Wednesday.

S- Oh, okay..Yea, I ask God on Wednesday and on Saturday.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Last trip to Oaks Park for the summer

My mom came for a great visit a couple weeks ago. We headed to Oaks park for the last time of the summer. Sydney loves the amusement park. She talks about it often, that and Disneyland.
Thankfully my mom was with. I still can not go on spinning rides. I went on one with them that was a very g e n t l e spin and when I went to bed a night and closed my eyes I was still spinning. So I am not so keen on going on the spinny rides. But my mom is a trooper and she went on all the spinny rides. The SUPER spinny rides. The tilt a whirl was working and Sydney wanted to go on twice. The second time I thoght their faces were going to whirl off they were spinning so fast.
We had a great time at Oaks park and with my mom!

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