Thursday, September 17, 2009

First day of school

7:15 AM- Pitter patter pitter patter....Sydney is by my side of the bed, "wake up mommy, is it time to go to school yet?"
Not yet honey, we have to get dressed and eat breakfast.
8:00 AM- "Okay mommy I am dressed and ready to go to school now." She has her shoes on, her backpack and is ready to go.
We dont't have to leave for another 45 minutes. Lets take some pictures....
"I want one with mommy, daddy and stellie"8:15 AM- "Okay can we go now mommy.I can't wait to go to school mommy!"
8:30 AM- We are all dressed, sydney has her backpack on, new shoes, hair brushed, and a HUGE smile on her face. How am I going to stretch out the time? I dilly dally trying to get to the car. We still have time to kill. School starts at 9:00 and it is a 5 minute drive.
8:35 AM- We pull out of the drivc way and I try to think of a way to get to school slower.
I research a new way to bike to school. A way that is less hilly and on a less busy street. Killed 10 minuets. Check.
8:50 AM- Pull into school parking lot. Take my time parking and getting Stella out. I go around to help Syd with her backpack. "mommy....I am kinda nervous about going to school." A big hug and kisses.
It is going to be so fun Syd!
8:52 AM- We are the first ones there. It worked out perfect. Sydney had both teachers all to herself. We had a chance for a picture and to give her teachers the picture she had drawn of them.
9:05 AM- "Okay mom bye". She couldn't have pushed me out the door sooner. This kid was ready for school!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009