Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer fun

Just can't get enough of this kid!

If you can't find Stella, she is in the strawberries!

Of course she has to do what big sister does.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dad's visit

My dad came for a little visit. It had been about year since he was here last. Stella was just a lump in the bouncy seat and Sydney had just had her eye surgery. It was great to have him here and to see how much both girls had changed. We had a packed two days. My dad is an avid golfer, so we took him to Mcmenimins Edgfield to their par 3 course. It was so much fun. Sydney had a great time being the Flag girl and putting her ball on the green and putting it in the hole.

We also went to the zoo. We saw the baby elephant, Packy and had hot dogs for lunch. Oh BOY!

Sydney talked my dads ear off and wanted him to read her stories, play alligator, and watch her every move. It was a great visit!

Rose Parade

I have always wanted to go to the Rose festival parade. Once in college I happened upon the ending of the parade route and saw the last of the marching bands. I got chills as they past me. I love marching bands. Something about the largeness of the sound and the power of the music and the musicians marching just gets me. I watched the parade on TV 2 years ago and I got all teary eyed when the marching bands came out. I am a sap.

This year we were front row for the parade. We didn't really plan on going we just thought we would go down and check it out and see if we could see anything. Well, we happened to check out the right spot because we were able to get high fives from the folks in the parade and Sydney even got a hello and a wave from Belle ( and the Beast).

The anticipation of the parade coming the lights from the police cars escorting the front of the parade in. It all was emotional for me. Weird, I know. Maybe it takes me to a place when all the anticipation for the final eternal procession of bands, music, cheering, smiles, hours, days months and years of preparing. I can't wait to be in that parade, in that procession of praising our king.
Did I get chills and teary eyed this year? I did.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Stella's 1st Birthday!

On May 23rd we celebrated Stellas first birthday ( Yea I know it is June 7th, but better to post it late than never). We can not believe that it has been a year since she was born. Where in the world has this year gone?
What a celebration it was. Stella is such a beautiful little girl. Inside and out. She has such a loving and carefree personality. Yes, I know she is only one, but I truely think these are qualities that stand out in her. She is quick to smile, she loves giving hugs and snuggles. SHe laughs with her whole belly and face. She is such a joy. She has added so much laughter and love to our family. I am so blessed to be her mom.
This past year has been pretty rough. She had such a hard time with reflux, food intolerences, her blood count and sleeping habits. It has put some age on me I think. I have MANY more gray hairs and wrinkles to prove it. BUt despite all its difficulties I couldn't imagine life without our Sweet Stella and love her all the more for those grey hairs.
Here are some pictures from her party: