Monday, February 27, 2012


Stella- "I love you more than the whole wolwold."
Sydney- " I love you more than the whole university."

Insta-gram Monday

I missed last weeks Insta-gram Monday. So,this week is a double whammy. 

Valentines cards made by Nate. "I mustache you a question? Will you be my Valentine?" Very clever. We loved it.

Stella's first Valentines party at her preschool.
Car wash fun.

Do you remember these. I loved these as a kid. We had one night of fun with them due to STRONG chemical fumes from the bloonie. More like Bloonie make you Crazy.
This was posted at one of the Malls in San Jose. Thought it was so funny and can only imagine the state of the economy in the NW if this existed in the Malls there.

 The girls are loving piggy back rides. It helps when your big sister is a lot bigger than you. This is Stella's form of transportation quite often.

 While both girls were in school one morning, Nate and I were able to go on a little date. Coffee and a stroll along west cliff. I love my husband!

 The girls and I drove up Highway 1 on Saturday and stopped at a super windy beach to have lunch. Popped up the back of the car and had lunch in the back. It was perfect.
 Beach treasures
Happy Monday!
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Friday, February 24, 2012

How you doin?

Caught Sydney saying the end part of this to herself in the mirror this morning. I love that kid!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Insta-grams

We had a great week. A little sprinkles and then a lot of warm sun.

 This week was the home school week at the Outdoor Science School at Mount Hermon. Although we don't home school our kids, my good friend Suzy runs the program and let Sydney tag along for the afternoons. She loved it. This is the kids hanging out in a tree after the afternoon classes.

 I love that our girls still love to climb. Really climb on anything that is climbable. We are fortunate to have a bouldering wall close to the house.
Me getting my daily dose of Vitamin D.

 Playing at the park with our fun friend Savannah.
 I love seeing the canopy tour support around town.

 Such a great big sister.
We have still been very busy making all sorts of valentine crafts. The girls really love doing crafts. It is so fun to see how each of their projects really reflect them.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Insta-gram Monday

 We were very busy one day making valentines with doilies. We painted them on white paper with water colors. Then we took the doilie off and had a colorful surprise on the paper and on the doilie.

 Magic messages appear when there is love in the air!
The girls are still spending endless hours in the saw dust from the tree that was taken down in the front yard. It is like playing in the snow except you dont get cold and eating it is not a good idea.

Already cherry blossoms!??

 This is the loot after visiting an allergist/pulmonologist. Still not quite sure why the girls are still getting pneumonia. Next step: round of allergy testing.

 Morning Fort.

 We have been going down to the field every friday afternoon. Lots of girls there to play with and lots of good friends being made.

Lots of beach time this weekend. Both days it was around 70. We were HOT. It was great.