Tuesday, December 14, 2010

She has it all figured out

Sydney came up from quiet time the other day with this piece of paper. It is so simple and it IS that simple. I have so much to learn from my daughters. It is so beautiful to learn about God from them.
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some new traditions

We went to the Santa Cruz Holiday parade the other weekend. Wasn't quite what I was hoping for but the girls loved it because they, "GOT CANDY!!!" as Sydney would say. It did say a California Christmas all over it.
We also went to the Santa Cruz harbor to check out the lighted boat parade. This was really fun and festive. Not a lot of boats, but it was fun to be outside and not freezing.

Mid week we went to check out the Oakland Zoo lights. It was a bit of a drive but we stopped for some great wood oven pizza and cupcakes on the way.We love traditions with our girls. So fun to have things to look forward to the next year and fun to look back on the past. We are just so thankful for our family and the time that we get to spend together, thankful for this place and time in our lives.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

A visit from Grandma

My mom came in for a visit last week. The girls love it when grandma comes to visit. They play and play and play. My mom has a great imagination and loves to really get into her 'part' of the scene. We played Dr, had ballets,made Christmas ornaments, played with 'hamsters'...the list goes on. One day we checked out the Seymour Science Marine Lab in Santa Cruz. It was so cool. The girls loved seeing all the marine life.

They had a touch tank where you could touch a swell shark. Sydney was a little scared, but braved it after my hand was not chomped off. Grandma also treated to take Sydney to her first movie in the Theater. We had a great time watching a really cute movie, eating popcorn and making new memories.