Monday, December 31, 2007

Funny sayings

So I need to start posting more of these. There are so many each day that I really need to write down.
So nate and Sydney were wrestling the other night. Sydney was giggling and gettin' dad and she stood up and tugged on her pants and said. 'Oh oh, my buns were gettin out!".

Hopefully more fun sayings to come!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas time!!

Sydney catching a lift on nates shoulders. She loves her daddy so much. We are pretty lucky to have such a sweet loving daughter.

We went downtown to check out the tree in pioneer square. Syd said 'WHOA! Big tree. 'Sydney wants to go in tree"

Sydney did really good helping decorate the tree. She was pretty proud she was able to help.

We went to get our tree a couple of weekends ago. It was actually snowing for the half hour we were getting the tree. It was pretty cool. None of the snow stuck, but it sure made it feel 'christmasy'.

Sydney had some fun opinions of what trees she wanted to take home. She really liked the red tree.