Tuesday, September 12, 2006

just so adorable. Posted by Picasa
This is Sydney getting dinner at the campground in the rain forest. We were by a beautiful flowing river. and .... Yes, it did rain! Posted by Picasa
When we were at the campgrounds, we put Sydney's pack n play outside so she could play. She liked to play peek a boo through the mesh sides. Posted by Picasa
We went to La Push. This is Third beach. Sydney really wanted to crawl into the water. she almost went straight towards it. We have a future surfer. Her and her dad can rip it up! Posted by Picasa
We went on our fall vacation this past week to the Olympic penisula. It was really fun and we had failry decent weather. The evenings were fairly chilly, which left Sydney not sleeping very well. But we saw a rain forest, beautiful beaches, the Olympic Mountian range and had great family time. Posted by Picasa
..We 3.. Posted by Picasa