Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stella has been blowiing 'raspberries' so much lately. She just soaks her shirt. It is pretty funny to watch. I tried to take some pictures that would do justice the intensity she has when blowing 'raspberries'.

The girls are fighting a cold. Stella had a fever yesterday and Sydney has had a snotty nose and just seems a little off. So things are the house have been a little out of control. But we were able to have a little fun in the girls room.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stella really has the rolling over thing down. It is so fun to watch her 'pop' up after getting over. She has also found her feet. She pulls on them and tugs them back and forth.

Monday, September 22, 2008

So, I never thought I would see the day that my daughter would be wearing, or even into, a princess dress. Well, that day has come. Sydney actually has two princesses dresses. One was made by her nana, Nates mom. Sydney specifically asked for this dress. It was made to look like a dress Sister Bear wore, from the Bearenstain Bear books. Every time she wears it she says she is on stage and she does some cute little dance.

The other dress is one my mom, grandma, bought her. It is a Cinderella dress. It is very fancy. It even came with white gloves. This is a conversation from the other day.

S- do you like my ovens?

A- your what?

S- my ovens. Do you like them? ( this time she is touching each arm where her gloves are.)

A- Oh, do you mean your gloves?

S- Yea my oven mitts

Don't you just wonder what in the world is going through a little mind when they put those things together. Of course Sydney has never seen me wear White gloves. And the only gloves she has seen me where that would go up to my elbow are oven mitts. Does she wonder why cinderella wears such fancy clothes with her oven mitts?!
Even though I never thought I would see that day, it is so fun to watch her imagine, dress up and go to another world. It is even more fun to watch her dad become the prince.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Had a great moment today. I was cooking dinner trying to use all our wonderful farm veggies. I was attempting to make marinara sauce from scratch; blanching tomatoes, etc. It actually turned out really yummy. Anyways, while I was cutting veggies I heard Sydney playing Patti Cake with Stella. Then Sydney let a little giggle out and then Stella followed and back and forth it went. It was beautiful music to my ears. I am so excited for the years ahead hearing the two of them laugh, share stories, sing and even shout together. I love my girls!
Stella can roll over!! She is doing such a great job. She can roll from her back to her belly and get her arm out of the way. She then can hold her head up and move her arms while on her belly. It is pretty fun. She has also been cooing and caaing. It is almost like she is singing. It is so fun to listen to. Numerous times today my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing with Stella.
Sydney had a great time at BSF today. The teacher said she was a big helper today. She helped 2 boys with their puzzels. Her new friend is Jacob. She still misses Ada and hopes she still comes next week.
Went for a run with Stella today in the Chariot. It was great. Went along the river. I am so glad that we still live by water. I would be sad if we were land locked.
We went to the coast this week for a couple of days with Nates family. Stella is so close to rolling over. She can go from her belly to her back pretty good but still working on rolling from her back to belly. Sydney is still trying to have dry undies all day. She just waits a second too long before getting to the bathroom. She does make it for most of it.

Funny sayings be Sydney:

After being asked is she needs to go to the bathroom...
s-I can't go to the bathroom. It is dangerous.
a- why is it dangerous?
s- because there are strangers in there!
A- there aren't strangers in there.
s- OHHHH I didn't know that.

After Sydney let a little toot out.
A- was that a toot?
S- No that was a fart.
A- What is the difference between a fart and a toot?
S- Well a toot is kinda like noise, and a fart is music. Like a piano

I realize that both of those stories are about the bathroom, but that is a lot of what we talk about these potty training days.
Today Sydney stood on a surf board for the first time! Hopefully this will be begining of many times on a surf board.
So I am determined to write down the great things that happend daily, weekly and monthly so that I know that my kids will have record of their childhood. I am not a baby book type of person so this will have to do.
Each day I am reminded how blessed or lucky I am to have the family that has been given to me. I love my 2 girls and my husband. They are such a great source of joy and laughter.

Some things from the last couple of days worth remebering:

  1. Last nigtht we drove home from Josh and Laura's house, Stella was doing her nightly wailing the whole way home and Nate was in Washington, and I explained to Sydney that when we got home I needed to feed Stella and get her to bed. So she would have to get undressed, go potty and then put her nighttime pullup on and her pjs. This had never been done before. When I got stella put to bed, I walked in and Sydney was sitting on her chair with her 2 books in her Pjs and look oh so proud of her self. It was just what I needed.

  2. After a long conversation in the car about the moon and that the moon is in different shapes and a lot of 'why's', we finally gave the great answer of 'because' and tried to stop the cycle. Sydney said, ' Dad lets do the why game, i want to do the why game. Okay , so why dad?

  3. Stella now needs to be home around 6:30 in order to get ready for bed. The car will not cut it. It is a nightmare if we are in the car after 6:30. So now begins the evenings around the house. Which falls just at the right season. All the fun summer activities are dying down so it doesn't feel so bad.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ode to summer

We have been busy the last couple of weeks. I love Portland so much. There is so much to do here as a family. I am a wee bit sad that there are signs of fall around the corner. I will miss all the great things about a Portland summer. Here are things I will miss:

1. Jamison park and all the fun free, and clean water holes for kids. Syndey just loved the wadding pools and the 'waterfalls'. She was much more daring this year, she actually stuck her face in the water.

2. You can't tell from the pictures but this is taken at McMenamins Edgfield ( where we had our Wedding reception) on Thursday Red SHed free concert. I love sitting back sipping a beer ( only sips this summer due to breastfeeding, dahhh! ;) ) and listening to great music and being with family. Sydney got a more brave this year. She started to dance to the music and made some fun friends to play with.
Not only did we go to Edgefield for music, there is free outdoor music almost everynight of the week in portland. We heard a lot of music. The Symphony, folk, blues, etc. It was great!

3. Farmers Markets!! I will miss all the berries, freshfruit, corner musicians, free tasters and all the beautifull food.

We had a great summer going to the park, going hiking, camping, to the beach, swimming, Idaho, having family come visit. Here are some more snap shots of our summer...

So have I convinced any of you to move here yet??