Friday, March 27, 2009

first of the season

Because it has been staying light out so late these days, we have been trying to take advantage of it by being out side after dinner. Last night nate decided it was time for the first lawn low of the season. He got out the lawn mower while I finished cleaning up dinner. He was mowing the front lawn when I walked by the window with Stella in my arms.

Stella let out this wonderful scriggle ( scream + giggle) when she saw nate go by the window. The next 20 minutes the girls and I were on our front stoop watching nate mow the lawn. with a large toothy smile Stella waved her chubby little hand each time he past us.

What a way to end a day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It was beautiful out today so we got some backyard time in. I can't wait for summer.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yelling from the Mounian Tops

Stella had a blood draw and a hematologist appointment today. Over all, Stella has been in great spirits, despite getting over a BAD cold. Her skin looked great. Her bruising was fading and she just looked healthier.

We were waiting in the Dr office for the blood results to come in. I was betting my mom on what we thought her platelet number would be. It was 13 a week and a half ago. Then it went to 26, then to 45 and last Thursday to 65. So I was placing my bets on 90. If it was 100 it would be on the lowest end of the healthy range. So I thought she would be pretty close to that.

The nurse came in with the results and handed me the paper.

" Where is the platelet count. I don't see it on here?"

-it is right here-

Pause.....pause......pause......"What?? Are you sure that is right?"

-This is Stella right?-


"Her platelets are at 264!!!!!"

I can truly say for the first time in my life I was stunned. I was completely stunned. In disbelief.

Stella's Platelets are in the normal range. The high of the normal range. Her blood is normal.

The joy that followed was filled with tears, thanksgiving, relief, and unbelief. Thank you God for helping her body heal. No drugs, no medical intervention. Thank you God for my healthy, sweet, chubby Stella!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Stella Update

We went to the Hematologist this morning and had blood drawn again. All her numbers were going up! We were so relived and thankful. They still are not in 'normal' range, but they are climbing. We will go back next Wednesday to see if it continues to climb.
The Dr thinks it was a virus that intruded her bone marrow and now her body is healing from that.Which explains why her numbers continue to grow. We are so thankful her body is working hard. I can now unclench my jaw and sigh a releasing sigh!
It was pretty depressing being there in the Hematology unit. Most of the kids that came in were battling some form of cancer. There were multiple kids that had lost their hair, tired looking parents. It was really hard to be there. Today when we were checking in there was a bulletin board with drawings from kids on it. On of the drawings had a big heart with the word HOPE in the middle. Underneath the heart a child wrote, " I hope you survive like my brother did." makes your heart sink...

I am so thankful for the health of our family and my heart just breaks for the families that have to go there every day/week for their child. It is so hard to stomach kids that are that sick. It really just isn't fair. What rejoicing will happen the day all of that is wiped from this earth. Oh how I look forward to that day. But in the mean heart has been made so heavy for those families with sick children. May God give them strength, hope, perseverance,patience and love.

Monday, March 02, 2009


Stella had a Dr appointment on wed because it seemed like she was really getting fussy and I thought it had to do with new foods I was introducing so we went to the dr and she ordered some blood work to see if she had some allergies.
The Dr called on Sat morning ( that was my first clue that something was up) and said that she needed to see stella in her office and that her blood work showed some concerning results ( second LARGE clue to be worried). So we went in and the dr said there was some concern about her blood count. Her red blood count was normal but her white and platelets were very low. The platelets normal level should be 100- 150 and stellas was 13!!
We an appointment this morning with the hematologist and she had some more blood drawn. All of her numbers were up since the last blood draw on Saturday. So that is really good. The platelet count was still lower than normal but they were very encouraged that it was increasing.
They do not think she has the ITP as they earlier thought. ITP is when something is attacking your platelets. They now believe that there is a reduction in the platelet production. They don't know why or what caused this. So we don't have to much more information today except for the good news that her counts were rising! So that is all we should focus on.
Stella is doing great. A little needy and more fussy than usual. But still smiles and laughter. I think Sydney is sensing something is going on. She has been a little different today and yesterday. So pray that we can give her what she needs.
We go back to the hematologist on Thursday for another blood draw and consult with the Dr. We will let you know what comes of that. Hopefully more higher numbers!
Thanks again for all your e-mails.