Friday, February 27, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We all tried

It was a beautiful Oregon day. The sun was out. Not a could in the sky and we were at the Mountain. Sydney was going to try skiing. The night before she put her boots on and walked around the house. Clank, clank, thud, thud. She promised tomorrow she will put the skis on cause that is when we are going skiing.

Nate got the skis already for her to try out.

All you need to do is put your feet in the boots and I will be right here.

I am not so sure dad. I don't want to. no dad..........
You can do this Syd. It will be just like sledding but on you feet. And I am right here.
I just want to put on ski on and leave my snow boot on.
That is enough dad. I am all done. sniff sniff

Good Job Sydney. I am glad you tried it.

I just didn't want to dad. I don't want to ski.
I am glad you tried Syd.

I love you Daddy

I love you too, Sydney!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

She is eating!!

So for the past couple of days Stella has been eating 2 full servings of food. She was just not into eating oatmeal mixed with veggies for awhile. on Monday, something just clicked in her. She now eats like a little bird with her mouth open waiting for food to drop in. It is so fun to see her interested and eating.

But with eating more food comes more poop! Is wear twice as muchi s coming out than what is being put in. But thank god it is coming out and being digested. I have to clean up blow outs numerous times a day. The joys of motherhood!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day

So of my favorite holiday memories growing up was Valentines Day. Int eh morning my brother and I would walk down stairs before school and there would be a huge herseys kiss waiting ofr us to say ' I love you ' in chocolate. My mom would make a fun heart shaped something for dinner. The one I remember was a meat loaf. So I attempted to do the same this year for dinner. Heart shaped pizza! The upper left looks a little funny because that is my slice without cheese. Still no dairy in my diet.
Sydney loved her tiny heart shapes and loved the big pizza too.

I made valentines for Nate and Syd. She couldn;t figure out when I made them. She kept asking, 'when mommy when??'

It was a great night as a family. Nate surprised me with a git certificate to a local salon and spa. I am super excited to use it. Do I get a massage, my hair colored, a pedicure???? How fun to have such great choices to choose from.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

This succession of pictures cracked me up. Let me know what you think Stella is thinking in the last picture.

Things Sydney has thought about or said the last week

Sydney is a very thougthful girl. She really takes time to think about things and then she is ready to talk about them. She is very much like Nate.

Sydney: When I grow up and I die, Am I going to die on a cross too?


Sydney and Nate went on an ice cream date and Sydney loves to talk talk talk.

Sydney: When you and mommy are in the family room after I am in bed I like to pick my nose and eat my boogers.

Nate: Why do you do that.

Sydney: becuase you can't see me when I am in my room.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It is finished!

Nate had about 3 weeks off in December. So he had a lot of projects on his project list. One of those was to remodel the bathroom. We thought, 'great let's take out the old stuff and get a new look!'. So much easier said than done. We had crooked walls, leaky pipes, rotten floor, and no toilet for a couple of days ( we have only one toilet in the house. It was interesting!). But despite those things Nate did an amazing job with the bathroom. I was able to help a little bit, but the bathroom is pretty small so only one body can really work in there.
Before Pictures......

After Pictures......

I love the counter top and the sink! The sink is so big and easy to clean.

Nate found some cedar and reclaimed it by running it through a plainer. It still has some 'scars on it which give it some great character.

The cabinet was custom fit to fill our space by Nate. He did a great job getting it all to fit and match. This is where the crooked walls were an issue.

The floor is so great. It is clean looking and will hide a little dirt now and again. So much better than the horrible white peel and stick floor that was in there. And yes, those are feet on the toilet. Sydney will love this picture later in life.

TA DAAAA! The finished bathroom! My husband is good!

Art Show

I was very proud of Nate and his art work that hung in the neighborhood Starbucks for the last couple of months. He was on a bird kick. So a series of birds and trees painted on wood hung on the wall for all to see. I am so thankful to have such a talented husband.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Sydney falling asleep in bed with her Bible in her lap. What a kid!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

One of those days

So it is one of those days when,

the house is a mess. Lots of dishes in the sink. Dirty socks on the floor, Yesterdays snack on the table, random toys in the corners and piles of laundry.

Feelings of missing the parenting mark. Today I was having a conversation with Sydney about how important it is to follow directions. I told her why we have directions and why they are good. She continued to reply that she was not going to follow directions. She said she didn't have to. Her face and serious as can be. After a time out, we talked about directions again and she told me it is important to follow directions so we can be safe and get to do fun things. So I thought to myself okay shes got it this time. So a few minutes go by and I ask her to start picking up her blocks. Her reply, " I am not listening to you." Talk about a little stinker!!

Sydney is not napping today. Oh how I need some time today. She is crying in her bedroom where Stella is sleeping. Oh please let Stella sleep through her crying.

My gray hairs didn't settle down today. I kinda have the Einstein thing going on.

My coffee is still sitting on the table. Half drunk and cold.

I think Stella ate some Yogurt today. We were at a friends house and I was not really paying much attention to Stella and next thing I know one of the little girls is standing by her with a gogurt wrapper in her hands and Stella is licking her lips. Hopefully she didn't get any. Not sure what would happen to her if she did. But I really don't want to find out

Really hope tomorrow I can see things through better eyes.......