Wednesday, April 16, 2008

'My Job'

Almost every morning after breakfast, Syndey runs to her room and gets a couple stack of books and brings them to the couch and 'reads' ALL of them. She really memorizes each of the books and then reads them out loud.
This morning, as she was putting her books on the couch, she said 'I am going to read these books. It is my job.'
I really have never seen a kid love books so much!

New glasses

Sydney got new glasses about 1 week ago. She is still having problems with one of her eyes crossing in. We were able to go to a specialist and they are trying a couple of different things to correct the crossing. Right now it is glasses. She does so well with the glasses. She rarely asks to take them off and she looks so cute with them on.
I have been able to see a little change in her eyes since she has been wearing them. But her eye is still crossing every day. We go back to the Doctor next monday to see what the next step is.
We really hope that the solution is fairly easy and comes quickly. I can tell that her eyes really bother her sometimes. She is a real trooper.